I am a feminist and live in Nottingham in the UK. I argue on facebook too often and this is a space for me to have my say. Here you will find some ramblings about whatever I happen to be thinking about.  When I am not smashing the patriarchy I enjoy climbing, riding my bike and hanging out with my kids.

This blog is about women and things that matter to me. If you’re not a feminist it’s probably not for you.  Whilst I love hearing what you think, I love it even more if you are a) a woman and b) not mansplaining me about how I should be doing feminism.

If you like what I write, then please share it with others. I try to get it out there but I’m a Mum with a job and a busy life so I appreciate anyone who helps me to promote my writing.


Follow me on Twitter @WomanAsSubject

You can also find me and loads of other great writing by women here: http://www.aroomofourown.org/

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